Male Orgasm and Prostate Stimulation

In this article we are going to talk about the male orgasm, why it works and different ways to improve it. Being a woman, I understand that, normally, men do not experience as many problems as women do with orgasms, but still there are some techniques that we do not have experience with and affect the possibility of our men to have better orgasms. This gets more complicated especially with guys who like to “hold” a little bit longer to enjoy the sexual intercourse a little bit more. Perhaps you did not know this before, but men experience different kinds of orgasms, and that is precisely what I am about to show you. In men, the orgasm is a complex experience, just like it happens in women. The major function of the men orgasms usually includes the ejaculation of sperm, while the function of the women orgasm is less clear although there are many common features in the male and women orgasmic experiences. In the early 50’s, a scientist called Robert Kinsey studied human sexuality in detail described the orgasm as an explosive release of neuromuscular tension. During the male sex orgasm his pelvic thrusts become less voluntary and other muscles of the body start to contract rhythmically. As the orgasm begins, his heart rate, blood pressure and respiration will all increase.

According to Kinsey’s studies, men can experience male multiple orgasms, just like women. Ejaculation is often felt to be disappointing if it happens too rapidly, and that is why a lot of men try to control that during sexual intercourses. Kinsey reported nocturnal emissions in 85% of men, which is an obvious sign of sexual excitement and in the majority of cases, orgasm.

Perhaps you have had to confront male orgasm denial, but as a woman you ignore why your guy would want to deny himself such a wonderful pleasure. Maybe you’re a female and you are feeling a little offended with that. Before jumping to conclusions, you need to understand that withholding sex and orgasm denial are two totally different activities, and denial actually has benefits.

The anticipation of male orgasms or prostate orgasms and fantasizing about your partner knowing that all power lies within them is enough for an instant erection. Most men love power, and when they surrender that control and realize that you are their Goddess and you own their penis and their orgasm, that is enough to drive them wild in it, so it is not bad at all.

Once you have gained power as a man, then it will be the turn of your woman. Now sex is up to the women and will be at her discretion…so, you just have to learn how to please your partner correctly and enjoy the moment. A male orgasm should not happen by graving his penis with your hands…be creative and please him the way he deserves.