Foreplay in Prostate Orgasm

As you probably know, foreplay is one of the most important parts of the sexual activity. Experts keep emphasizing its importance in sexual life of couples every time they refer to it. Today we are going to discuss a little bit about how men can get orgasms during fore play as a reaction from the prostate. Men are not supposed to experience orgasms during fore play, so we have to know how to prevent that from happening when having sex with one another. In general terms, guys have a tendency to want to skip over fore-play to get straight to sex. If, for instance, you are a guy and you try to go straight to the sexual intercourse, first of all you are going to have physical problems. The vagina has erectile tissue (like your penis) and it needs to fill with blood to accommodate penetration accordingly, as otherwise penetration will be difficult and uncomfortable. Without fore-play your partner’s vagina will not have secreted any natural lubricant either, making your penetration difficult, painful and perhaps causing small tears in the vaginal tissue, which is not good at all. So, for both of you people the fore-play is beneficial, and in this article I am about to give you some tips so you can improve fore-play but without experiencing an orgasm, since that is not the objective of it.

Incontinence is a very popularly known complication of radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer in men. Recently, studies have demonstrated that climacteric, or orgasmic incontinence, has been reported after this procedure. Therefore, guys have occasionally reported some loss of urine during sexual fore-play, even when general daytime incontinence was not present. This is something that is affecting foreplay for men nowadays, so it also drives everyone’s attention on this.

Some of the foreplay games that are recommended nowadays to improve overall’s pleasure during sexual intercourse are the following: using cards (for example, you can take a deck of poker cards and assign a naughty and erotic sexual act to each of the numbers or use one of the decks from XXX shops. This is a great idea for those who want to try something different sometimes.

Other most commonly used foreplay tips consist of using different types of toys, such as dildos, fake vaginas, or adding some extra products like oils or scents, or food to promote both clitoral and prostate orgasms. I have a friend who prepared pieces of sushi and put them all over her body, and surprised her guy at home after work.

If you need to change the scenario, try that too, it would be an amazing experience.Now it is your turn to be creative and have sexual fun with your partner by implementing different positions, elements or just using your imagination to make your sexual experiences a little bit different during foreplay, since this is the best way to improve your possibilities of experiencing the most pleasurable orgasms afterwards.